I want to thank all of my fans, music labels, artists and others for following me all throughout these years building my popularity through the internet. Unfortunately when i first started up this website in 2011, i didn't realize how much further i would be. Thanks to Bryson Tiller for making my beat "Baby Letz Not Rush" in which he changed the name to "Don't" a Hit! My first multi-platinum hit beat!  Now i can focus more on making way better beats for the world. Due to all of the placements i've been getting, making beats for major labels won't keep me from making beats for the internet! I can't ever forget how i got started so i won't ever upload no throwaway beats. Every beat i upload on my new website ImiriKnoxx.Com will also be sent to major artists & record labels. I want everyone to get a chance on creating a hit record, wether its from mixtapes, to albums, to live, video performances, i believe this day in era, everyone can have a shot at getting thier music heard.


NEW WEBSITE - www.ImiriKnoxx.Com (Much More Advanced Hosting, More Room For Artist Best Song Events, California Summer Event Parties, Cash Prizes from $500-$5000, soundkits, youtube placements and so much more. this is much bigger than my beats, i want to help everyone i can who will believe in me and trust that everything i do will payoff in the long run!  

- Thanks To Bryson Tiller, Yo Gotti, Epikh Pro, Joey Diamondz, P. Diddy, Neil and Kap G + many more twitter verified who follow me on twitter.


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